To provide efficient, reliable and cost effective recruiting and security services to employers worldwide.

To supply trained seafarers for the international maritime industry

To operate guarding, bodyguarding and construction services of the highest quality in Hong Kong.


The Gurkha International Group was founded in 1994 by members of the British Army’s Brigade of Gurkhas to provide reputable employment for Gurkhas and Nepalese men and women worldwide.

The Group has extensive experience in the sourcing, selection and movement of trained and experienced Nepalese staff. It now also sources employees in Thailand and Myanmar.

The Group comprises 3 companies in association:

  • Gurkha International (Hong Kong) Limited (GIHK), founded in 1997, incorporated in Hong Kong,
  • Gurkha International Manpower Services Limited (GIMS), founded in 1994, registered in the British Virgin Islands, and:
  • British Gurkha Overseas Services (Private) Limited (BGOS), founded in 1998, headquartered in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Group prides itself on its lawful working practices. We take no money from anyone we employ or recruit.

Gurkha International (Hong Kong) Limited

Gurkha International (Hong Kong) Limited has built up a strong reputation for security guarding, the protection of large events and security consultancy solutions. It recruits qualified and reliable construction manpower for various projects in Hong Kong. The company is accredited with the world standard of quality management certificate, ISO 9001:2015 and the occupational health and safety certificate, ISO 45001:2018.

Gurkha International Manpower Services Limited

Gurkha International Manpower Services Limited (GIMS) provides multinational, multi-skilled and STCW-trained cruise security, deck & engine crew as well as hotel and club staff from Nepal, Thailand and Myanmar. It is accredited with the world standard of quality management certificate, ISO 9001:2015.

British Gurkha Overseas Services (Private) Ltd.

Gurkha International Manpower Services (GIMS) subcontracts Nepalese cruise staff through its sister company British Gurkha Overseas Services (BGOS) in Nepal.



Gurkhas come from the mountain country of Nepal, which is situated between China and India. Some of the highest mountains in the world lie along its northern border.

With a history of service with the British, Indian or Nepalese Armies and the Singapore Police, these highly adaptable people are now resident in Nepal, Hong Kong and other countries. Many of them are working outside Nepal.

The Gurkha is famed for high standards of personal discipline, reliability, loyalty, physical endurance and mental robustness.

British Gurkhas in traditional pose – Falkland Islands, South Atlantic
Photo by kind permission of the Gurkha Museum, Winchester, UK


We supply ships crew and other staff from:

  • Thailand
  • Myanmar

Gurkha International Manpower Services outsources through government recognized agencies, namely the Thai Seafarer Training and Consulting Company from Thailand and Theda Crewing and General Services Company Ltd. and Gurkha Company Limited from Myanmar.