Gurkha International Manpower Services Limited

Gurkha International Manpower Services (GIMS) was founded in 1994 to find work for Gurkhas and other Nepalese personnel resident in Nepal, primarily as crew for the international cruise industry

GIMS was the first company to send Nepalese men and women to sea and remains the foremost agency providing seafarers from Nepal.

GIMS also recruits Security Guards and other staff from Nepal for land-based employment, such as casino staff for Macau and camp staff for isolated or dangerous areas of the world.

The Company operates exclusively outside Hong Kong and manages all the Group’s operations outside the territory of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

The Company is accredited with the world standard of quality management certificate ISO 9001:2015

Certificate No: FS 740306

The Company works solely through a number of reputable licensed agencies in the countries from which it recruits:

All the agencies with whom GIMS has contractual relations satisfy the
requirements of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006

We offer:

  • Ship Security Guards, both male and female
  • Hospitality Department stewards, restaurant. kitchen, bar and cleaning personnel
  • Administrative personnel for Pursers Department and offices
  • Casino Staff